"Many books have been written on how to make photographs but I can recall none as well edited and succinctly written as this one by Bryan Moss. While it purports to be a "simple guide to the magic of photography" it will appeal as much to a working pro as to a beginner. Rather than discuss photo mechanics, Moss explores the thinking, feeling, intuitive aspects of finding photo opportunities. The photos he has chosen for this book show that daily life contains the ingredients for memorable images if seen perceptively."
--Angus McDougall,
Professor Emeritus,
University of Missouri

"Part art book, part photography primer, part book of inspiration -- "PhotoSynthesis" will bring great joy to anyone who comes upon it."
--Tom Kunkel,
Dean of the School of Journalism,
University of Maryland

"This book takes us for a walk down a burning path towards the possibility of enlightenment living a photographic life.

"...This is a book about legacy. Bryan Moss's legacy as a husband, father, grandfather, son, citizen of Southern Indiana, an editor and a photojournalist.

"...Photosynthesis is a lover's howl, no matter how quietly and patiently Moss would have us receive his song. He is madly in love with humanity and shares this vision, this gift, with all who enter these pages. What other way is there to be a photojournalist in this world, anyway?

"...Photography is an act of human grace that when infused with love ranks among the miracles of humanity. Moss guides us to this simple grace through photographs and words."
--Paul Myers,
Brooks Institute of Photography

"This book says everything that needs to be said about becoming a good photographer, so, of course, I thought it would be easy to sit down and write a glowing report about it.

"It has been anything but easy.

"And really, that’s the message behind the book: On the surface, photography appears easy, especially with today’s cameras. Turn ‘em on, push a button and you get in focus, well-exposed photos. But to do it well requires a lot of practice and dedication…

"The book is filled with wonderful words. Most are Bryan’s but many of them belong to other people, quite of few of whom aren’t even photographers.

"For me, the most pertinent quotes aren’t just about photography; they’re about life, which makes you start to think that perhaps the best approach to photography is also the correct approach to life. So, maybe this isn’t a book about the “magic of photography." Maybe it’s a book about life disguised as a book about photography…

"But then maybe I just I love this book so much that I’ll tell you anything to get you to read it."
--William Snyder,
Director of Photography,
Dallas Morning News

"There's always been a vacuum when it comes to photography books. You either get the entry level stuff or "I'm the greatest living photographer" stuff. Bryan's book is geared for the bright and thinking photographer. The organization and structure makes it possible to open anywhere -- Each thought is brief and to the point.

"If you're one of those photographers that thinks the equipment will make you a better shooter don't bother with this book. This is about story telling, listening and sharing.

"Although Bryan begins with what he terms the basics I found myself enjoying each segment of the book. Some of it may feel basic but I assure you there's no such thing. I've spent over 20 years as a picture editor teaching professionals what Brian presents in his book."
--Joe Elbert,
The Washington Post